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Centred Upright Crosses (St. George-type) on Flags (Overview)

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Below is a selection of flags that have an upright centred cross (as in the St. George's Cross). Fimbriations are indicated in parentheses following. Crosses in italics are proposals, or flags of uncertain or dubious status. Countries are identified by the leading boldface ISO3166 abbreviation, as listed on this page.

Regular St. George-type cross flags

White Yellow Red Blue Green Black Other
FR Kingdom of France, Fédération Régionaliste de Bretagne (black),
LV Latvian rank flags (red), Latvian president (red), Latvian naval ensign,
PY Flota Mercante del Estado shipping line (red, blue centre-line)
US Little Rock, Arkansas (green/blue)

GB Dorset (red)

AU Australian Customs (1882),
CA Royal Canadian Yacht Club Rear Commodore, Order of St John,
CH Brusio, Mendrisio, Samnaun,
DE Combat 18 neonazi group,
EC Ecuador Governor,
ES Blanes, Toses, La Coma y La Pedra, Alcazar de San Juan,
FR Savoie, Saint-Lô, Chambéry, Daher Shipping Co. Denis Frères
GB Admiral, Bullard, King & Co. Line, Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co., London & North Western Railway, London, Midland and Scottish Railway,
GE Georgian Army, Georgian Border Forces (red, green), GR Brotherhood of the Sepulcher in Jerusalem (Greek Orthodox Church,
IT Kingdom of Italy Naval Jack, Bormio, Noli, Val d'Ossola, Florence Republic's flag, Piedmont Region, Novara, Free Territory of Trieste,
MX 1923 Registration flag of Cuidad del Carmen,
NL Rotterdamsch Lloyd house flag, Vollenhove
PE Partido Nacionalista Peruano (green),
RO Timisoara (historic),
US G. Gordon Line, Prudential Steamship Corp.,
WS Kingdom of Samoa (1873),
ZA, Point Yacht Club
Other Order of St. John, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Fahnen- und Flaggenkunde (SGFF)

AU Eureka flag,
CA Quebec,
CY Greek Cypriot flag, World Hellenic Association,
CZ Kadov
FR Kingdom of France civil ensign,
GB Canterbury Cathedral, Cumbria, R.A. Mudie & Sons Shipping
GR Greece, Greece (Kingdom) Air Force Ensign, Greece president 1924-1935, Greece naval rank flags, pilot's flag
HR Neretva
IS Iceland 1897,
IT Turin,
MQ Martinique,
NL Zwolle,
US Indianapolis, Indiana

Many other flags based on the white cross on blue are listed on this page

BE Soignies, DE Borkum Island, Lower Saxony, Europa Canada Line,
DM Dominica (1981) (yellow/white),
ES El Cogul, El Catllar (red, white),
FR Bureau Frères et Baillargeau,
GB Devon, England (black), Countryside Alliance Protest flag,
HU Telki, Hungary,
LV Latvia Border Guard (red),
NL Nijland,
TW Democratic Progressive Party,
UA Ukraine Border Guard ensign (green, white),
US Jackson, Mississippi

CH Köniz,
FR Corsican regiment,
GB Cornwall,
GE West Georgia (12-14 C),
HR Neretva 
HU Hungarian air force, 1941-45,
ID Borneo princely state,
LV Riga (1270),
ZA Republic of Helderberg (red)

FR Nantes (historical) (black), Brest historical, (black)
CZ Svatý Jiří (Czech Rep.) (red),
ID Indonesian Princely State in Borneo

BE Flemish Association for Watersports (black)
CA Lacombe, Alberta (red)

AT Internationale Ordens-Union,
BE Harelbeke,
CA Laval University,
CH Rocourt,
ES Morcín, Cavalry flag of Don Gil Alvarez Carrillo de Albornoz
FI Duchy of Finland Merchant flag, Duchy of Finland Helsingfors Dagblad (blue),
FJ Rotuma, Fiji,
GB Grimsby Steam Fishing Co.
IN Director of Royal Indian Marine,
IT Ancona, Lodi Vecchio, Messina, Romagna, Italy (yellow), Romagna, Italy (green),
PR Puerto Rico, 1873 flag,
SU Signal flag Я
UA Zhytomir, Ukraine,
Other Signal Code letter R, Marryat signal flag #7

BE Bertogne, Havelange,
CA Royal Canadian Yacht Club Vice Commodore,
CH Schiers, Hauterive, Chexbres, Eysins, Mézery-près-Donneloye,
CZ Martínkovice, Kukle, Knínice u Boskovic
FR Pouldergat, Toulon, Yvoire,
GB Pembroke, Wales,
ID Pontianak princely flag,
IN Superintendent of the Indian Navy (1847)
IT Verona, Belluno,
LV Riga, (historical),
NL Drunen, Oldenzaal, Kampen (17th C)

AU Australian National Line,
BR Paranaguá, Paraná, Pinhalão, Paraná,
HU Veszpremvarsany,
ID Pontianak princely flag,
JM Jamaica Banana Producers Steamship,
NL Royal Dutch Association for Physical Training,
PR Patillas,
SB Solomons unidentified green ensign

CH Confignon,
GB Wales,
GH Ashanti,
NL Raalte
Some major flags:
AU Sydney, Melbourne (white, red),
CA Montreal, Anglican Church of Canada,
GB England, Northern Ireland,
GE Georgia,
GG Guernsey,
IN Indian Navy rank flags,
IT Genoa, Milano, Bologna,
Other Red Cross

Many other flags based on the red cross on white are listed on this page.

BE Estaimpuis, Lint, Maldegem (red birds), Nevele (red lions)
CO Cundinamarca, Cundinamarca 1811,
CH Rocourt,
FR Montmorency, Pontrieux,
GB Northern Ireland variant, Ulster, Westmorland
IT Albenga, Altipiano del Sette Comuni, Asiago, Lodi, Este
SE Church of Sweden, Sölvesborg (blue snakes)

IT Tuscany Merchant Ensign (yellow)

AU Anglican Church of Australia (white), Sydney Waterways (white),
BE Compagnie Maritime Belge,
BR São Sebastião do Paraíso, Minas Gerais, Guaçuí, Espírito Santo (yellow), Paraisópolis, Minas Gerais, (white), Tapes, Rio Grande do Sul (yellow), Bariri, São Paulo (white), Guarulhos, São Paulo (white), Itanhaém, São Paulo, Sumaré, São Paulo (yellow)
CA Star proposal for flag (white)
CS Pečinci, Serbia
DE Oldenburg, Germany, Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei, Oldenburgische Schiffergesellschaft, Oldenburger Rowing Club,
ES Mataro Maritime Province 1845-1894, Tarragona Maritime Province,
GB Cable & Wireless Lines (yellow), Shamrock Shipping Company, Limited, Southern Railway (white),
MM Karen political party,
NL Hudig and Pieters, Nederlands-Franse Scheepvaart Mij
UA Kamianets'-Podil's'kiy District
US Brunswick Steamship Co., Winnecone, Wisconsin,
VG Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club,
Fictional New Britannia Empire (white, yellow on horizontal arms)

BR Conseilheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, (white), Itaqui, Rio Grande do Sul, (white), Santa Adélia, São Paulo (white), Carapicuiba, São Paulo (yellow),
DE O.A. Müller Shipping (white,
PT Clube Sport Marítimo, Portugal,
UA Lvov (historical)
US Oldham County, Kentucky (white),
ZA South African flag proposal, 1927 (white)

BR Pampas Independence Movement (yellow),
GB Durham City (white),
US Worcester County, Maryland
EG Copts
Church in Wales,
GR Hellenic Front, Greek revolutionary flag,
IT Kingdom of Sardinia, Lloyd Sardegna Compagia di Navigazione,
NL Zwolle, historical,
NO Anton von der Lippe shipping
PT Portugal 1143,
SV La Libertad,
UA Naval Rank flags (white, blue),
US Navy Convoy Commodore,
Other Signal Code letter X, St. Michael

Many other flags based on the blue cross on white are listed on this page.

BE Dentergem,
CH Grüsch,
IT Parma, Modena
NL Burgum,
SU lighthouse flag, 1924,
UA lighthouse flag, 1918,
US Spofford & Tileston Lines, George Washington University

AU Greater Melbourne ensign (white), W. Crosby shipping line
CA Ontario Car Ferry Co.
CZ Sazovice (white),
DE Union-Ruder-Club,
GB William France, Fenwick & Co. Lines,
IT Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia,
NO Jack (white),
RO Principality of Moldavia, war ensign, 1834,
TH Uttaradit
US South Carolina Sovereignty flag

BR São João Nepomuceno, Minas Gerais (white),
GB Civil Air Ensign (white),
ZA Civil Air Ensign (white)

BR Paulínea, São Paulo (yellow)
GB Gloucestershire (cream)

PL UPR party (white)

FR Le Juch
AU Australian National Line,
BR Contestado Rebellion, 1839-40,
BG Division Commander, 1908,
BZ Principality of Poyais,
CZ Lomnice,
DE CfW Porz Rowing Club, Ruderinnen, Dresdenia (white, green), Norharz Rowing Club (white, green)
GB Countryside Alliance Protest flag,
IE Kildare County Council,
LR Sino County,
MT Zejtun,
NL Rotterdam Diocese,
PT Sport Algés e Dafundo, Minister of the Navy, Portuguese rank flags,
US Gregor MacGregor flag, Florida 1817,
ZA South African naval rank flags

CA Gloucester, Ontario
GB Shell Mex and B. P. Ltd.

GB Leyland Line
HU Yachting Association (white)
MM Zomi (yellow)

BR Limeira, São Paulo (white), Brazilian Football Confederation
GB Derbyshire (white)

BE Izegem
CH Köniz, Saint-Sophorin-sur-Morges, Arnex-sur-Orbe
CZ Milnické Vtelno,
DE Cologne 1475-1794, German Colonial League, Normannia Rowing Club, Rostocker Rowing Club, Germania Boppard Rowing Club (white, black), RC Undine, Radolfzell (white, black), WV Waldshut, Vegesacker Rowing Club, der Stahlhelm (white, black)
FR Duchy of Brittany, Côtes d’Amour, Brest historical, Tourcoing, Fédération Régionaliste de Bretagne (white, black), Breton traditionalists,
NL Deutscher T.R.V., Rotterdam (white, black)
RU Russia White Legion 88

BE Thimister-Clermont
CH Grandfontaine, Cartigny, DE Lauenburg Rowing Club
FR Trégor, St. Yves flag, Pays de Retz, Nantes football supporters

BR São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo,
CA Canadian Patriot Network (white),
DE Emil Offen,
NL Storm Detachments (black, red),
US Edward Moltenius Lines; Other Bear Pride, Gundam TV Show Zeon (white)

NL Veenklooster (white), Royal Dutch Handball Association

DM Dominica (yellow/white),
FR Nantes football supporters

FR Bleuñ-Brug, Guérande, Pays de Retz, France, Nantes (Breton Nationalist version),

FR Trégor, St. Yves flag
DE ARV Kiel (white, purple)
GE Georgia (12-14th C)

PR Penuelas
IE British & Ireland Steam Packet Co. Ltd (green)
US Mascoutah, Illinois
FR Baillieul,
GB Cambridge University (ermine on red)

FR Cercle celtique de Dinard, Former flag of Dinard

NL Nijmegen 4-day march
White Yellow Red Blue Green  

Multicoloured St. George cross-type flags

  • black on black/yellow/green-white-white-white: Neo-Alemannia RC, Germany
  • black on blue-yellow-yellow-yellow (+/- white): Italia Societa de Navigazione e Vapore
  • black on brown-brown-brown-brown: Borneo princely state
  • black on green-ermine-ermine-green (yellow): Pays de Briére, France
  • black on green-green-red-red: Bajaraka Movement, Montagnard Khmers, Vietnam
  • black on red/green (with ship)-ermine-ermine-ermine: Bagad Naoned, France
  • black on red-green-green-red (white): Pays de Saint-Malo, France
  • black on red-white-white-white: Tupua Tamasesse, Samoa
  • black on white-red-red-white (white): Continentale Rhederei shipping, Germany
  • black on yellow-white-white-white: Rostocker RC, Germany
  • black on yellow-yellow-blue-blue: Parma football fan flag
  • black(yellow)/white(red) on blue: Sant Celoni, Spain
  • black/red on yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow: Sarawak state flag 1963
  • black/white on white-red-red-white: Jankovice, Czech Rep.
  • blue and red on white-white-white-white: The Borneo Company, Malaysia
  • blue (white) on blue-red-red-red: State of Muskogee Flag, 1799
  • blue on orange: Dutch royal flags Coeverden, Netherlands
  • blue (white-blue) on red-white-white-white: Hansa Rowing Club, Germany
  • blue on white-green-red-black: Belgorod region, Russia
  • blue on white-red-red-white: Russian ensign and jack (pre 1697)
  • blue on yellow-black-black-yellow: Jamundi, Colombia
  • blue/black on yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow: Popravka, Ukraine
  • blue/red on white-white-white-white: Profondeville, Belgium
  • brown on green-green-green-green: Borneo princely state
  • green (white) on red-blue-blue-red: Groningen, Netherlands, Drieborg, Netherlands
  • red and blue on white: Harskamp, Netherlands
  • grey on green-green-yellow-yellow (red): Royaume du Saguenay, Quebec,
  • red on black-black-white-white: Order of the Temple
  • red on blue-white-white-blue: Ireland Yacht Club officers’ flags
  • red on blue-white-white-white: Episcopal Church, Anglican Catholic Church, J.O.Williamson shipping, Germany
  • red on green-blue-blue-green (yellow fimbriation): Lincolnshire, England
  • red on green/white-green/white-white/green-white/green: Belotin, Czech Rep.
  • red on red/white-blue\white-white\blue-white/red: London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, UK
  • red on white-yellow-yellow-white: Grootegast, Netherlands
  • red over blue on white-white-white-white: Trinitarian Order
  • red-white-blue horizontal & white vertical on blue-blue-blue-blue: Former Serbian Football Association
  • white on black-blue-blue-black: Malmö FF club, Sweden
  • white on black-brown-brown-black: Lévis, Quebec, Canada
  • white on blue-blue-red-red: Dominican Republic, 1844Grito de Lares, Puerto Rico
  • white on blue-blue on white-blue on white-white on blue: Sint-Michielsgestel, Netherlands
  • white on blue-green-green-blue: Sisak, Croatia
  • white on blue-orange-red-black: Regiment de Touraine, US Revolutionary War
  • white on blue-red-blue-red: Hnátice, Czech Rep.
  • white on blue-red-red-blue: Dominican Republic, Pomichna, Ukraine, Hubbard & Co. Lines, Royal Canadian Yacht Club Fleet Captain, India General Steam Navigation Co.
  • white on blue-red-red-blue (red/white-blue/white-blue/white-red/white): Société française de vexillologie (SFV)
  • white on blue-red-red-red: Nanjing Puppet State war ensign (China)
  • white on blue-red(blue)-red(blue)-blue: Sturges & Co. Line
  • white on blue-white(blue)-white(blue)-blue: Granville, France, Howland & Aspinwall Lines
  • white on blue-yellow-yellow-blue: Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
  • white on brown-brown-blue-blue: Isles of Scilly Scillonian Cross (with stars)
  • white on ermine-white-white-white (black fimbriation): Bleimor, France
  • white on green-red-red-green: Centro Italiano de Studi Vessillologici (CISV)
  • white on green-red-red-red: Krsy, Czech Rep.
  • white on orange-orange-blue-blue: South African flag proposal, 1927
  • white on red-blue-blue-red: Rusava, Czech Rep., Vittorio Veneto, Italy Saint-Malo, France, Perm, Russia
  • white on red-blue-blue-blue: Crete
  • white on red-blue-blue-red: Rheintrans shipping, Germany
  • white on red-blue-red-blue: SETAF-SAGET Line, France
  • white on red-[blue-yellow-red-yellow-blue]-[red-yellow-blue-yellow-red]-red: Vatican Swiss Guard
  • white on red-ermine-ermine-ermine (black): Saint Malo, France
  • white on red-green-green-red: Chiscas, Colombia, Holm Shipping Co., Betsimisiraka/Tamatave kingdom (Madagascar), La Columbia Shipping (Italy)
  • white on red-red-black-black: Val d’Aosta, Italy
  • white on red-red-blue-blue: Samos, Greece (1832-1912)
  • white on red-red-red-white: Flag of Potatau Te Wherowhero, New Zealand
  • white on red-yellow-yellow-blue: Nantes, France (historical)
  • white on red/green (with ship)-ermine-ermine-ermine (black): Nantes, France
  • white on white(blue)-red(green)-yellow(red)-white(blue): Italo-Greek Orthodox Church in the Americas and Canada
  • white on yellow-red-red-yellow: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • white/black gyronny on blue-blue-blue-blue: Kreis Safien, Switzerland
  • yellow/blue counterchanged on blue-yellow-yellow-blue: Kreis Davos, Switzerland
  • yellow on black-green-green-black: Nijega, Netherlands
  • yellow on blue-blue-green-green: Dibulla, Colombia
  • yellow on blue-green-blue-green: Krekhiv, Ukraine
  • yellow on blue-red-blue-red: Romanian rank flags, WW2
  • yellow on blue-red-red-blue: Blazice, Czech Rep., San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
  • yellow on brown-brown-brown-brown: Indonesia: Pontianak princely flag
  • yellow on red\black-black\red-black\red-red\black: Mikuleč, Czech Rep.
  • yellow on red-black-black-red: Taikyry, Ukraine
  • yellow on red-blue-red-blue: Blatec, Czech Rep.
  • yellow on red-red-blue-blue: Shah Line, UK
  • yellow on red-red-green-green: Calabar, Nigeria
  • yellow on white-green-green-white: Benecko, Czech Rep.
  • yellow over red/white on blue: Borec, Czech Rep.
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