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Dictionary of Vexillology: Q (Quarantine Flag - Quinterfoil)

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A plain yellow flag (‘Q’ Quebec in the International Code of Signal Flags) that is flown by a vessel arriving in port stating that it is healthy and requires medical clearance or free pratique – a pratique flag (see also ‘International Code of Signal Flags’).

[Quebec signal flag]
Signal Flag Quebec (CS)

1) A heraldic term for a rectangular panel occupying the upper dexter quarter of a shield or banner of arms but see ‘pointed’ (also also ‘canton’, ‘dexter’, ‘quartering’ and ‘quarterly’).
2) A heraldic term for one of the rectangles formed on a shield or banner of arms by the process of quartering (see also ‘canton 3)’, quartering’, ‘quarterly’ and ‘shield’).

1) A heraldic term for the division of a shield or banner of arms by drawing horizontal and vertical lines across it but see ‘pointed’ (also see also ‘Appendix IV’, ‘quarter’, ‘quarterly’ and ‘shield’).
2) (v) The act of creating divisions as described above (see also ‘quarter 2)’).

[New Zealand Royal Standard] [Royal standard - Mecklenburg, Germany]
Royal Standard, New Zealand (fotw); Royal Standard Mecklenburg, Germany c1897–1918 (fotw)

Please note that whilst quarterings are generally (but not exclusively) restricted to four in flags, there is no actual limit to the number that may be employed  (see also ‘canton’).

A heraldic term for when the field of a shield, flag or banner of arms is divided horizontally and vertically into four quarters (see also ‘canton 3)’, ‘quarter’ and ‘quartering’).

[Quebec signal flag]
Standard of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, UK (Graham Bartram)

1) In vexillology the term for a charge in the form of a stylized flower or plant with four petals or leaves (see also ‘cinquefoil’ and ‘trefoil’).
2) In heraldry as above, but the charge is almost invariably pierced – a caterfoil (see also ‘pierced’).

quatrefoil example Kilchberg Switzerland Misery-Courtion Switzerland Giffers Switzerland
From left: Quatrefoil example; The Flags of Kilchberg, Misery-Courtion and Giffers, Switzerland (fotw)

See ‘colour 2)’ and ‘colours 2)’.

RAF Queens Colour
Queen’s Colour of the RAF, UK (fotw)

Strictly speaking the arrangement of five objects within a square (or rectangle) – one in the centre and one in each corner - the term is, however, occasionally used to describe a 3-2-3-2-3 arrangement of the stars as sometimes seen on the original pattern of the stars and stripes – but see ‘Betsy Ross flag’ (also ‘continental colours’, ‘Franklin flag’, ‘old glory’, ‘star-spangled banner’ and ‘stars and stripes’).

[Quincunx flags]
Stars and Stripes 1777 - 1795 (fotw)

[Quincunx flags]
National Flag of The Solomon Islands

See ‘cinquefoil’.

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