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finnish national board of antiquities
national board of antiquities, pennant (finland) |
finnish water rescue society
finnish water rescue society |
clickable map of finnmark (norway) | finnmark (norway) | northern norway proposal (norway) |
finno-karelia in the soviet union (1940-1956) |
city of eberswalde (barnim county, brandenburg, germany) |
municipality of finsing (erding county, bavaria, germany) |
finspång (sweden) |
finsterhennen commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
city of finsterwalde (elbe-elster county, brandenburg, germany) |
finsterwolde (the netherlands) |
fintice, slovakia |
cgil - italian general confederation of labour - metallurgical employees and workers federation |
fiorentino (san marino) |
international bowling federation |
fir cone
poole yacht club (united kingdom) |
fir tree
bauma commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | brukhovychi (lviv, ukraine) | fredericton, new brunswick (canada) | selnica ob dravi (municipality, slovenia) |
fir trees
enney commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | mannens-grandsivaz commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
alatskivi (tartumaa, estonia) | county of nyazepyetrovsk (chel. region, russia) | finno-karelia in the soviet union (1940-1956) | haanja (vorumaa, estonia) | kaiu (raplamaa, estonia) | karelia in the soviet union | koeru (jarvamaa, estonia) | padise (harjumaa, estonia) | paikuse (parnumaa, estonia) | ragavere (laane-virumaa, estonia) | saare (jogevamaa, estonia) | slovenska bistrica (municipality, slovenia) | surju (parnumaa, estonia) | tolliste (valgamaa, estonia) | vandra vald (parnumaa, estonia) | verkhniy luzhok (lviv, ukraine) | volya (lviv, ukraine) | voru city (vorumaa, estonia) | vosges (department, france) |
firavitoba (boyaca, colombia) |
fire-baptized holiness church
fire-baptized holiness church |
service flags for polish government vessels |
zwijndrecht (the netherlands) |
fire and rescue department
fire and rescue department (malaysia) |
fire and rescue service
western australia fire and rescue service (australia) |
fire brigade
austria: fire brigades | austrian federal fire-brigade federation (austria) | chile: misc governmental flags | italy - police and fire brigade flags | standards of local voluntary fire brigades in salzburg state (austria) | state fire-brigade federation burgenland (austria) | state fire-brigade federation carinthia (austria) | state fire-brigade federation lower austria (austria) | state fire-brigade federation salzburg (austria) | state fire-brigade federation styria (austria) | state fire-brigade federation tyrol (austria) | state fire-brigade federation upper austria (austria) | state fire-brigade federation vorarlberg (austria) |
fire brigades
country fire authority (victoria, australia) | new south wales fire brigades (australia) |
fire department
nyc fire department, new york (u.s.) |
fire nation
avatar: the last airbender (television series) |
fire service college
national fire service (britain) |
fire service
bermuda - police service and fire service flags | croatia - fire service flags | new south wales rural fire service (australia) | new zealand ensigns |
fire services: hong kong
hong kong fire services department |
fire warning flag
kalmthout (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) |
al-minufiyah (governorate, egypt) | azerbaijan | dominican republic | inner mongolian people's party | kamchatka territory (russia) | karasjok, finmark | kokatha mula nation (australia) | lyganuse (ida-virumaa, estonia) | nador province, morocco | national fire service (britain) | national fire service and civil defence (united kingdom) | ohnic (czech republic) | pikalyovo city (leningrad region, russia) | tierra del fuego province (argentina) | tolmin (municipality, slovenia) | ust-ord buriatia (russia) | vacoas-phœnix (mauritius) | vastmanland (sweden) | zdírec nad doubravou (czech republic) |
firearm: assault rifle
hezbollah (lebanon) | palestinian islamic jihad movement (palestine) | popular resistance comittees (palestine) |
firearm: cannon (white)
afghanistan ca.1901-1919 |
firearm: rifle (black)
communist party of germany/marxists-leninists 1970-c.1990 (germany) | ministry for state security 1960-1989 (east germany) |
firearm: rifle (white)
afghanistan ca.1901-1919 |
firearm: rifle
fighting groups of the working class 1949-1990 (east germany) | mrta: “tupac amaru” revolutionary movement (peru) | peruvian political flags | society for sport and technology 1949-1990 (east germany) |
al-aqsa martyrs' brigades (palestine) |
firebrigade flags (the netherlands) |
croatia - fire service flags | france: firefighters | klanjec (krapina-zagorje, croatia) |
haifa region fire department (israel) |
firefly (television series) |
virje (koprivnica-krizevci county, croatia) |
calenzano (tuscany, italy) | chiesa (tuscany, italy) | firenzuola (tuscany, italy) | florence - historical flags (italy) | florence (tuscany, italy) | florence province (tuscany,italy) | fucecchio (tuscany, italy) | impruneta (tuscany, italy) | incisa val d'arno (tuscany, italy) | lastra a signa (tuscany, italy) | londa (tuscany, italy) | marradi (tuscany, italy) | montaione (tuscany, italy) | montelupo fiorentino (tuscany, italy) | montespertoli (tuscany, italy) | palazzuolo sul senio (tuscany, italy) | pelago (tuscany, italy) | pontassieve (tuscany, italy) | reggello (tuscany, italy) | rignano sull'arno (tuscany, italy) | rufina (tuscany, italy) | san casciano in val di pesa (tuscany, italy) | san godenzo (tuscany, italy) | san piero a sieve (tuscany, italy) | scandicci (tuscany, italy) | scarperia (tuscany, italy) | sesto fiorentino (tuscany, italy) | signa (tuscany, italy) | tavarnelle val di pesa (tuscany, italy) | vaglia (tuscany, italy) | vicchio (tuscany, italy) | villa salutare (tuscany,italy) | vinci (tuscany,italy) |
firenzuola (tuscany, italy) |
republic of serbian krajina 1991-1995 (croatia) | republic of srpska (bosnia and herzegovina) |
byzantine empire: reconstructed and replica flags | byzantine empire | kingdom of serbia (1882-1918) | principality of serbia (1830-1882) | republic of serbia (socialist yugoslavia) | serbia (serbia and montenegro), 1992-2004 | serbia (serbia and montenegro), 1992-2004 | serbia: karađorđe's uprising (1804-1813) | serbia: ministry of the interior | serbia | serbian orthodox church (serbia and montenegro) | topola (municipality, serbia) | voždovac (municipality, serbia) |
firesteels: 4 (blue)
surdulica (municipality, serbia) |
firesteels: 4 (white)
aranđelovac (municipality, serbia) | kragujevac (town, serbia) | zvezdara (municipality, serbia) |
firs: 8
troitsk city (moscow region, russia) |
first commander
russian navy: 18th cent. flags |
first empire (france)
france: first empire (may 1804-april 1814 & march-june 1815) | france: regimental flags under the first empire |
first flag
evolution of the mexican national flag: part 1 |
first judeans
jewish units in the british army |
first nation
ahousaht first nation (canada) | ahousaht first nation (canada) | bigstone cree nation (canada) | grouard band (canada) | innus (canada) | tlicho nation (canada) | whitecap dakota/sioux first nation (canada) |
first national flag of the confederacy
stars and bars flag (u.s.) |
first nations university
first nations university (canada) |
first nations
canada - first nations (canada) | historical flags: metis nation (canada) | iroquois (canada) | metis nation (canada) | micmaq (canada) | peguis (canada) | siksika (canada) | union of british columbia indian chiefs |
first navy jack
first navy jack (u.s.) |
first secretary of the central committee
flag of the first secretary of the central committee of the sed and chairman of the national defence |
first world war
france: first world war (1914-1918) |
army - 1st u.s. volunteer cavalry regiment (u.s.) |
islamic salvation front (political party, algeria, 1989-1992) |
fischbach-göslikon commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
fischbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) |
fischbachtal (germany) |
fischenthal commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
fish (black)
côtes-d'armor (department, france): yacht clubs and rowing clubs | koksijde (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) | pyeryeslavl’-zalyesskiy city (yaroslavl region, russia) |
fish (blue)
audierne (municipality, finistère, france) | jistebník (czech republic) | rheineck commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | ribnica (municipality, slovenia) | société anonyme la morue française (shipping company, france) |
fish (red)
city of mollet del vallès (catalonia, spain) | laishevskiy county (tataria, russia) | marchin (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
fish (three)
crowsnest pass, alberta (canada) |
fish (white)
agadir province, morocco | al hoceima province, morocco | brasschaat (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) | celorico da beira municipality (portugal) | evian-les-bains (municipality, haute-savoie, france) | gazocéan (shipping company, france) | kobarid (municipality, slovenia) | nenetsia (russia) | novgorod region (russia) | safi province, morocco | senta (municipality, serbia) | talara province (peru) |
fish (yellow)
city of figaró-montmany (catalonia, spain) | gornji petrovci (municipality, slovenia) | magadan region (russia) | moravský písek (czech republic) | sakhalin region (russia) | santa province (peru) | village of gzira (malta) |
fish and wildlife service
fish and wildlife service (u.s.) |
fish heads
marbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) |
fish hoek
fish hoek (south africa) |
fish leaping
fischbach-göslikon commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
fish net needle
gamvik, finmark |
fish shops flag
fish shops flag (the netherlands) |
fish skeletons
montet (broye) commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
fish: 2 (red)
banner of the komturia and town of schonsze (teutonic order, germany) |
fish: 2
cambridge bay (nunavut, canada) | laishevskiy county (tataria, russia) | nenetsia (russia) | salm-salm 1386-1811 (germany) | soviet civil maritime flags | talara province (peru) |
fish: 3
aangermanland (sweden) | ammassalik (greenland, denmark) | bergslagen (sweden) | constância municipality (portugal) | noiraigue commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) | odemira municipality (portugal) | saratov city (saratov region, russia) | saratov region (russia) | travers commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) |
fish: 4
novgorod region (russia) |
fish: bullhead
jarnac (municipality, charente, france) | josselin (municipality, morbihan, france) |
fish: carp (white)
veržej (municipality, slovenia) |
fish: crowned (yellow)
ribnica na pohorju (municipality, slovenia) |
fish: curimbata
pirassununga, são paulo state (brazil) |
fish: dolphin (heraldic)
village of gzira (malta) |
fish: salmon
salm-salm 1386-1811 (germany) |
fish: steelhead
houston, british columbia |
fish: sturgeon
saratov city (saratov region, russia) | saratov region (russia) |
fish: trout
luče (municipality, slovenia) |
fish: tuna
portimão municipality (portugal) |
alajoe (ida virumaa, estonia) | algyo (csongrad, hungary) | auvernier commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) | bevaix commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) | bonavista, newfoundland and labrador | boudry commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) | brot-dessous commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) | bullhead city, arizona (u.s.) | carbonear, newfoundland and labrador (canada) | chollanam-do, south korea | coast guard (canada) | davor (slavonski brod-posavina, croatia) | department for environment, food and rural affairs (united kingdom) | egliswil commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | egolzwil commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | fischbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | fischenthal commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | gibsons, british columbia | goumois commune (jura canton, switzerland) | gracac (zadar, croatia) | granges-paccot commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | gullspång (sweden) | iqaluit (nunavut) | jaú, são paulo state (brazil) | kakisa, northwest territories | kali (zadar, croatia) | koosa (tartumaa, estonia) | korop (chernigiv, ukraine) | labrecque, quebec (canada) | lutsel k'e, northwest territories | macao - island municipality | macao island municipality provisional flag | maidla (ida-virumaa, estonia) | mauensee commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | metropolitan police (london, uk) | meyriez commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | montague, prince edward island | mustvee (jogevamaa, estonia) | narva (ida-virumaa, estonia) | north cowichan, british columbia | oelstykke (denmark) | ostrava-jih, czech republic | pastafarians, or the church of the flying spaghetti monster | perry county, pennsylvania (u.s.) | pogreby (kyiv, ukraine) | portuguese companies’ flags | qualicum beach, british columbia (canada) | rümikon commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | ramara, ontario | reformed churches | rheinau commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | rickenbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | rorschach commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | salinas (puerto rico) | schwarzenbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | schwerzenbach commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | st. paul, alberta (canada) | subdivisions of astrakhan region (russia) | united reformed church (synod of scotland) | ural cossacks (kazakhstan) | venek (gyor-moson-sopron, hungary) | vicques commune (jura canton, switzerland) | vitznau commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | wabamun, alberta (canada) | wha ti, northwest territories | zasupoyivka (kyiv, ukraine) |
kenyan fishcatch flags | kenyan fishcatch flags |
fisheries ensigns
international fisheries pennants |
service pennants 1955-1990 (east germany) |
khodoriv (lviv, ukraine) |
fishermen’s protective union
fishermen’s protective union (newfoundland) |
fishers, indiana (u.s.) |
fishery inspection
belgium: history of the navy | belgium: service flags | european union fishery inspection | france: fishery inspection flag | french southern and antarctic lands (overseas territory, france) | new zealand naval flags | non-navy governmental maritime flags (russia) | soviet civil maritime flags |
state services ensigns 1863-1867 (prussia, germany) | state services ensigns 1871-1918 (prussia, germany) |
fishes: 2 (black)
yacht club de france: members' private signals (1930) |
fishes: 2 (blue)
le conquet (municipality, finistère, france) |
fishes: 2 (grey)
cassis (municipality, bouches-du-rhône, france) | pont-à-mousson (municipality, meurthe-et-moselle, france) |
fishes: 2 (red)
vielsalm (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
fishes: 2 (white)
binic (municipality, côtes-d'armor, france) | miquelon-langlade (municipality, saint-pierre and miquelon, france) |
fishes: 2 (yellow)
longwy (municipality, meurthe-et-moselle, france) |
fishes: 2
altamira, pará (brazil) | pyeryeslavl’-zalyesskiy city (yaroslavl region, russia) | santa province (peru) |
fishes: 3 (red)
jarnac (municipality, charente, france) |
fishes: 3 (white)
chiny (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) | kanal ob soči (municipality, slovenia) | litija (municipality, slovenia) |
fishes: 3
magadan region (russia) |
fishes: 6 (black)
loches (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) |
fishes: 6 (red)
josselin (municipality, morbihan, france) |
fishes: 6 (white)
adriatic euroregion |
fishhook (yellow)
agistri (greece) |
emmen commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | kunda (laane-virumaa, estonia) |
fishing boat
brunswick county, north carolina (u.s.) | quesnel, british columbia (canada) |
fishing companies
house flags of canadian fishing companies |
fishing hook
båtsfjord, finmark | froya, south trøndelag |
fishing inspection
miscellaneous swedish flags |

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