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free state of chutkotka
pre-soviet chukotkan flags |
free state of saxony
saxony (germany) |
free state
free state province, south africa | republic of congo - historical flags |
free territory
free territory of trieste (1945-1954) (italy) | trieste (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
free trade and sailors rights
commodore perry (u.s.) |
free voters bavaria
free voters bavaria (bavaria, germany) |
freedom and justice
ghana |
freedom and solidarity party
freedom and solidarity party (turkey) |
freedom county
freedom county, washington (u.s.) |
freedom democratic party (erk)
freedom democratic party (uzbekistan) |
freedom flag
virginia freedom flag |
freedom or death
thirty-three orientals flag (uruguay: 18xx) |
freedom party
how few remain (novel & spinoff series) |
adygeya (russia) |
danish freemasons flag |
freetown, massachusetts (u.s.) |
gardena, california |
frégiécourt commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
municipality of freginals (montsià county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) |
frei-soziale union
free social union (germany) |
freiberg county
freiberg county (germany) |
freiburg im breisgau
city of freiburg (baden-württemberg, germany) |
broye district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | city of freiburg (baden-württemberg, germany) | communes of fribourg/freiburg canton (switzerland) | fribourg / freiburg canton (switerland) | glâne district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | gruyère district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | lac district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | nova friburgo, rio de janeiro (brazil) | sarine district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | singine district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | veveyse district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
freie arbeiterinnen union
free workers' union (trade union, germany) |
freie demokratische partei
flag used in 2002 claiming a 18% vote (free democratic party, germany) | free democratic party: flags in the 1950's (germany) |
freie deutsche jugend
free german youth 1949-1990 (east germany) |
freie hansestadt bremen
bremen (germany) |
freie und hansestadt hamburg
historical flags (hamburg, germany) |
freie wähler bayern
free voters bavaria (bavaria, germany) |
freienbach commune (schwyz canton, switzerland) |
freienstein-teufen commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
freiensteinau (germany) |
freienwil commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
freier deutscher gewerkschaftsbund
free german trade union 1945-1990 (east germany) |
freier volksstaat württemberg
free people's state of württemberg 1919-1935 (germany) |
freigericht (germany) |
freighters and passenger ships soviet shipping company
house flags of soviet shipping companies |
freiheitliche deutsche arbeiterpartei
liberal german workers' party (germany) |
free corps 1919-1923 (germany) |
freimettigen commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
freising county
freising county (germany) |
freisoziale union-demokratische mitte
free social union (germany) |
freistaat bayern
republic of bavaria 1919-1935 (germany) |
freistaat braunschweig
republic of brunswick 1919-1935 (germany) |
freistaat oldenburg
republic of oldenburg 1919-1945 (lower saxony, germany) |
freistaat preußen
republic of prussia 1919-1935 (germany) |
freistaat sachsen
republic of saxony 1920-1935 (germany) | saxony (germany) |
freistadt danzig
danzig 1920-1939 |
a.c. de freitas & co (german shipping company) |
pedro maria freites (anzoategui, venezuela) |
fretilin (revolutionary front of independent east timor) |
city of sant guim de freixenet (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
freixo de espada-à-cinta
freixo de espada-à-cinta municipality (portugal) |
fréjus (municipality, var, france) |
frente de libertaçâo de moçambique |
fremantle sailing club
fremantle sailing club (australia) |
eagle flags (u.s.) | fremont, california | fremont, michigan (u.s.) |
french-speaking federation of belgian yachting
belgium: watersport leagues |
french alliance
french alliance flag (u.s.) |
french colonies
france: colonial empire | france: registration flags for merchant ships (1817-1929) |
french community of states
france: colonial empire |
french community
french community (belgium) |
french equatorial africa
central african empire, 1976-1979 | central african republic 1976 flag project | central african republic |
french guiana liberation movement
french guiana: independentist flags |
french guiana
french guiana (france, overseas department and region) | french guiana: independentist flags |
french guinea
guinea |
french polynesia
clickable map of french polynesia (historical kingdoms) | french polynesia: index of all related pages | french polynesia |
french tricolor
laos during the french protectorate |
french west africa
casamance (senegal) | senegal |
switzerland: ethnical / linguistic regions |
frenkendorf commune (basel land half canton, switzerland) |
frenstat pr
frenstát pod radhostem (czech republic) |
frente amplio
artiguist source, uruguay | christian democratic party, uruguay | communist party, uruguay | frente amplio party coalition, uruguay | march 26th movement, uruguay | popular participation movement, uruguay | popular trend, uruguay | popular trend, uruguay | socialist party, uruguay | space 90, uruguay |
frente cívico y social
catamarca’s social and civic front party coalition (argentina) |
frente de libertação do arquipélago madeirense
madeira archipelago liberation front (portugal) | madeira liberation democratic movement (portugal) |
frente de libertação dos açores
azores liberation front (portugal) |
frente patriótico manuel rodríguez
manuel rodríguez patriotic front (chile) |
frente país solidario
solidarian country front party (argentina) |
frente popular
socialist and communist parties 1931-1939 (spain) |
solidarian country front party (argentina) |
frequently asked questions
frequently asked questions - part 1 | frequently asked questions - part 2 | frequently asked questions - part 3 | frequently asked questions - part 4 |
sg freren (germany) |
fresagrandinaria (abruzzi, italy) |
fresens commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) |
fresno county
fresno county, california (u.s.) |
fresno (tolima, colombia) | fresno, california |
fret (white)
koceljeva (municipality, serbia) |
mont-de-l'enclus (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
böttstein commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
fretilin (revolutionary front of independent east timor) |
frette (la)
val-d'oise (department, france): yacht clubs |
unicov, czech republic |
freudenberg city (germany) |
freudenstadt county
freudenstadt county (karlsruhe district, baden-württemberg, germany) |
freyung-grafenau county
freyung-grafenau county (niederbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
fria moderata studentforbundet
flags of political parties (sweden) |
broye district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | broye region (switzerland) | communes of fribourg/freiburg canton (switzerland) | fribourg / freiburg canton (switerland) | fribourg commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | glâne district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | gruyère district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | lac district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | nova friburgo, rio de janeiro (brazil) | sarine district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | singine district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | veveyse district (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
frick commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
fricka, slovakia |
friedberg county
friedberg county until 1972 (schwaben district, bavaria, germany) |
friedberg city (germany) |
friedewald (germany) |
friedrichsdorf city (germany) |
friedrichshain-kreuzberg district
friedrichshain-kreuzberg district (germany) |
friedrichshain district
friedrichshain district 1993-2000 (berlin, germany) |
amt friedrichstadt (germany) |
frielendorf (germany) |
friends of american
current uses of the red ensign (canada) |
friens (the netherlands) |
frieschepalen (the netherlands) |
friesenberg quarter (zürich canton, switzerland) |
friesland county
city of jever (friesland county, lower saxony, germany) | friesland county (germany) |
clickable map of dongeradeel municipality (friesland, netherlands) | clickable map of friesland (netherlands) | clickable map of friesland historical shires (netherlands) | clickable map of gelderland - arnhem arrondissement (netherlands) | clickable map of overijssel (former divisions) (netherlands) | east frisian landschaft (lower saxony, germany) | friesland - historical quarters (the netherlands) | friesland county cities and municipalities (germany) | friesland province (the netherlands) - page 1 | friesland province (the netherlands) - page 2 |
flag poems (u.s.) |
frieze: greek (blue)
livanos (shipping company, greece) | michalinos maritime & commercial company, ltd. (shipping company, greece) |
frigate bird
banabe (kiribati) | gilbert and ellice islands | kiribati |
pavullo nel frignano (emilia-romagna, italy) |
denmark - world war ii flags |
fringe on flags
fringe on flags |
finials and fringe | flag of the president of russia | fringe on flags (u.s.) | presidential flag of chile |
germany in the book of all kingdoms |
société d'armement e. frisch & cie (shipping company, france) |
east frisian landschaft (lower saxony, germany) | leather pride flag | ommelanden (the netherlands) | yachting clubs (the netherlands) [f] |
flag poems (u.s.) |
fritillaries: 2 (red)
ig (municipality, slovenia) |
fritillaries: 2
trnovska vas (municipality, slovenia) |
fritillary (red)
trzin (municipality, slovenia) |
fritillary (yellow)
dobrovnik (municipality, slovenia) |
fritzlar city (germany) |
friuli-venezia giulia region (italy) |
friuli-venezia giulia
aiello del friuli (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | aquileia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | buttrio (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | campoformido (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | cassacco (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | chions (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | chiusaforte (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | cividale del friuli (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | claut (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | cordenons (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | cordovado (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | drenchia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | duino-aurisina (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | fanna (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | fogliano redipuglia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | free territory of trieste (1945-1954) (italy) | friuli-venezia giulia region - subdivisions - index (italy) | friuli-venezia giulia region (italy) | gemona del friuli (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | gorizia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | gorizia province (friuli - venezia giulia, italy) | gradisca d'isonzo (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | grado (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | lignano sabbiadoro (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | martignacco (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | monfalcone (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | monrupino (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | montenars (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | morsano al tagliamento (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | moruzzo (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | muggia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | muzzana del turgnano (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | palmanova (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | pasiano di pordenone (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | pordenone (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | pordenone province (friuli - venezia giulia, italy) | prata di pordenone (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | san giorgio della richinvelda (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | san giovanni al natisone (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | san vito al tagliamento (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | san vito di fagagna (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | tarcento (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | timau (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | tramonti di sotto (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | travesio (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | treppo grande (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | trieste (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | trieste province (friuli - venezia giulia, italy) | turriaco (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | udine (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) | udine province (friuli - venezia giulia, italy) |
padania - flags of padania "nations" - part 1 (italy) |
political flags of burundi |
fröndenberg city (germany) |
©abina, czech republic | dominica - presidential flag | zaben (czech republic) |
misery-courtion commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
froidchapelle (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
froideville commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
kingdom of france: hundred years' war (1337-1453) |
armed movements in chad |
house flags of brazilian shipping companies, f |
front de liberation national kanak socialiste
front de libération national kanak socialist (political party, new caledonia) |
front de liberation nationale
algeria: independence war (1954-1962) |
front democratique des bruxellois francophones
front démocratique des bruxellois francophones (political party, belgium) |
front democratique des iles comores
mayotte (france) |
front islamique du salut
islamic salvation front (political party, algeria, 1989-1992) |
front national pour le salut de la lybie
front national pour le salut de la lybie |
front unifié pour la libération des races opprimées montagnard
montagnards - vietnam |
political flags of burundi |
fronteira municipality (portugal) |
frontera, tabasco, mexico |
frontier guard
belarus - frontier guard flags |
frontier police
frontier police 1949-1990 (east germany) |
frontino (antioquia, colombia) |
anagni (latium, italy) | atina (latium, italy) | broccostella (latium, italy) | cassino (latium, italy) | cervaro (latium, italy) | colle san magno (latium, italy) | collepardo (latium, italy) | ferentino (latium, italy) | fiuggi (latium, italy) | frosinone (latium, italy) | frosinone province (latium, italy) | gallinaro (latium, italy) | isola del liri (latium, italy) | monte san giovanni campano (latium, italy) | pastena (latium, italy) | piedimonte san germano (latium, italy) | pofi (latium, italy) | ripi (latium, italy) | roccasecca (latium, italy) | sant'ambrogio sul garigliano (latium, italy) | sant'apollinare (latium, italy) | sgurgola (latium, italy) | strangolagalli (latium, italy) | supino (latium, italy) | terelle (latium, italy) | trevi nel lazio (latium, italy) | veroli (latium, italy) | villa santa lucia (latium, italy) | villa santo stefano (latium, italy) | viticuso (latium, italy) |
frostbite flag society
frostbite flag society |
frostburg, maryland (u.s.) |

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