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flags: 2
afghanistan 1919-1928 | afghanistan january 1929 - october 1929 | naval- and cavalry-sa command flags (nsdap, germany) | sturmabteilung / sa (nsdap, germany) |
flags: crossed
historical flags (vanuatu) |
flags: signatures on
signing flags |
kirovsk county (leningrad region, russia) |
chestermere, alberta (canada) | finland proper (finland) | flags in sports - rowing | flags in sports - rugby | flags on the ground | slavic union | spaniard’s bay, newfoundland and labrador | western finland province (finland) |
maritime houseflags c-f (australia) |
lajas (puerto rico) |
su¹ice (czech republic) |
domasinec (medjimurje, croatia) | opatovice (czech republic) |
flakstad, nordland |
mauritanian political parties |
flamar (shipping agency, belgium) |
flame (black)
abu ghosh (israel) |
flame (red)
abu ghosh (israel) | navy (lebanon) | people's solidarity 1949-1990 (east germany) | tintigny (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
flame: blue
chetwynd (district of), british columbia |
abu ghosh (israel) | dashava (lviv, ukraine) | debrecen (hungary) | end times christian flag | fire-baptized holiness church | galp company (portugal) | guta (rivne, ukraine) | karasjok, finmark | kirishi city (leningrad region, russia) | les breuleux commune (jura canton, switzerland) | lisane ostrovicke (zadar county, croatia) | province of ruse, bulgaria | regimental colour of swiss regiment nideröst 1719-1735 (spain) | regimental colours of swiss regiment reding 1742-c.1749 (spain) | rejected flag proposals of 1825 (peru) | renovative national party (portugal) | rewa - indian princely state | savarona (caguas , puerto rico) | schwaderloch commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | smoky lake (town), alberta (canada) | swiss mercenary flags | taebaek, kangwon-do (south korea) | united methodist church (usa) | velika ludina (sisak-moslavina, croatia) |
flags of the spanish infantry in the conquest of tunis 1535 (spain) | regimental colours of the spanish infantry or tercios 1693 (spain) |
brazilian football clubs: rio de janeiro |
flames (purple)
zagorje ob savi (municipality, slovenia) |
flames (red blue orange)
armenia: sport flags |
flames: 12
elista city (kalmykia, russia) |
flames: 3 (red)
juprelle (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | saint-léger (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
berlevag, finmark | byelousovo city (kaluga region, russia) | les enfers commune (jura canton, switzerland) | presbyterian churches | sor-varanger, finmark | zhor (czech republic) |
flamme de boeuf
kingdom of france: flags at sea |
flamme rouge
tour de france (cycling) |
word "flag" in albanian |
antwerp (province, belgium) | crusader cross flags 1188 | east flanders (province, belgium) | flanders (belgium) | flanders (traditional province, france) | flemish brabant (province, belgium) | limburg (province, belgium) | west flanders (province, belgium) |
flandes (tolima, colombia) |
flandre occidentale
west flanders (province, belgium) |
flandre orientale
east flanders (province, belgium) |
flanders (traditional province, france) |
flanders (traditional province, france) |
flanmare shipping inc. (shipping company, greece) |
flapping flag
austria: vertical hoisting of flags | flag hoisting formats and terminology (germany, austria and adjacent countries) |
paris (department and municipality, france): sport flags |
flask (red)
ramat hovav (israel) |
organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons |
flavio alfaro
flavio alfaro canton (manabi, ecuador) |
flawil commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
flax comb
hägglingen commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
flax flower
derazhne (rivne, ukraine) |
flax flowers
oberflachs commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
gavrilov yam city (yaroslavl region, russia) | kolky (volynia, ukraine) | malyi myds'k (rivne, ukraine) |
flay flying
flag flying in scandinavia |
flebasa lines
flebasa lines (shipping company, spain) |
flec 5 (cabinda, angola) |
cabinda (angola) | flec 1 (cabinda, angola) | flec 2 (cabinda, angola) | flec 3 (cabinda, angola) | flec 4 (cabinda, angola) |
fleche (la)
la flèche (municipality, sarthe, france) |
flechtorf (germany) |
flecken ebstorf
flecken ebstorf (germany) |
city of adelaide (sa, australia) | local flags in victoria (australia) |
fleet admiral
admiral of the fleet (thailand) | navy - fleet admiral (u.s.) |
fleet captain
yacht officers' flags (u.s.) |
fleet cargo ensign
russian navy: fleet sections (i) |
fleet commander
russian navy: 19th cent. flags | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) |
senior commanders of the brazilian navy | soviet navy: naval rank flags (1950-1992) |
flémalle (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
flemish association for watersports
flemish association for watersports (belgium) |
flemish brabant
flemish brabant (province, belgium) | province of flemish brabant (belgium): municipal flags |
flemish cross (the)
the flemish cross (belgium) |
flemish inland navigation promo
belgium: inland navigation-related bodies |
flemish national union
vlaamsch nationaal verband (political party, belgium) |
flemish people's movement
vlaamse volksbeweging (pressure group, belgium) |
flensburg (germany) |
flensburger schiffbaugesellschaft
house flags of german shipping companies (f) |
flerden commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
fléron (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
flesh hooks
eschenbach commune (luzern canton, switzerland) |
fleur-de-lis (black)
begijnendijk (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | meerhout (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) |
fleur-de-lis (blue)
aarschot (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | moravče (municipality, slovenia) | oliveira de frades municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (gold)
canas, são paulo state (brazil) |
fleur-de-lis (golden)
alcobaça municipality (portugal) | alter do chão municipality (portugal) | arouca municipality (portugal) | azambuja municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (green)
city of bellpuig (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
fleur-de-lis (red)
azambuja municipality (portugal) | charleroi (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | city of la pobla de claramunt (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | france: scouting organizations | lille (municipality, nord, france) | rixensart (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) | sardoal municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis (white and red)
affligem (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) |
fleur-de-lis (white)
Žalec (municipality, slovenia) | assenede (municipality, province of east flanders, belgium) | barueri, são paulo state (brazil) | city of olius (lleida province, catalonia, spain) | city of sant julià de cerdanyola (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | houffalize (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) | langeac (municipality, haute-loire, france) | lorena, são paulo state (brazil) | mesen (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) | municipality of gaià (bages county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of mas de barberans (montsià county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of senan (conca de barberà county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) | municipality of vallcebre (berguedà county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |
fleur-de-lis (yellow)
allier (department, france) | bassenge (municipality, province of liège, belgium) | berre-l'etang (municipality, bouches-du-rhône, france) | cantanhede municipality (portugal) | city of puigcerdà (girona province, catalonia, spain) | digne-les-bains (municipality, alpes-de-haute-provence, france) | france: traditionalist catholics | grande-synthe (municipality, nord, france) | kingdom of france: 1814-1830 | kingdom of france: flags at sea | louhans-châteaurenaud (municipality, saône-et-loire, france) | meaux (municipality, seine-et-marne, france) | montemor-o-velho municipality (portugal) | municipality of aguaviva (teruel province, aragon, spain) | municipality of torres de berrellén (saragossa province, aragon, spain) | pays de la loire (region, france) | portuguese souting organizations | provence (traditional province, france) | sandžak democratic party (serbia and montenegro) | vila franca de xira municipality (portugal) |
fleur-de-lis: 2 (yellow)
gagny (municipality, seine-saint-denis, france) |
fleur-de-lis: 3 (yellow)
guadeloupe (overseas department and region, france) | saint-barthélemy (overseas collectivity, france) | versailles (municipality, yvelines, france) |
fleur-de-lis: 3
la malbaie (quebec) |
fleur-de-lis: 4 (white)
aparecida, são paulo state (brazil) |
fleur-de-lis: cloven
sveio, hordaland |
abrantes municipality (portugal) | acadiana (u.s.) | annapolis royal, nova scotia | elsau commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | florence (tuscany, italy) | french canada before 1763 (nouvelle france) | gravelbourg (saskatechewan, canada) | harlingen (the netherlands) | historical flags: metis nation (canada) | ile-dorval (quebec) | koprivnica (koprivnica-krizevci county, croatia) | leers (municipality, nord, france) | montreal (quebec) | nürensdorf commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | niederleis, niederösterreich (austria) | pinhalão, paraná (brazil) | royaume du saguenay (quebec - canada) (canada) | saint-georges-de-beauce (quebec, canada) | salaberry-de-valleyfield (quebec) (canada) | scouting organizations | sedbergh school (canada) | sherbrooke (quebec) | the alleged "banner of the franks" | turku (finland) | tuzla canton (bosnia and herzegovina) |
fleur-de-lyi: 3 (yellow)
lyon (municipality, rhône, france) |
fleur-de-lys (blue)
abriès (municipality, hautes-alpes, france) | blois (municipality, loir-et-cher, france) |
fleur-de-lys (green)
horebeke (municipality, province of east flanders, belgium) |
fleur-de-lys (red)
nord (department, france): sport flags | waregem (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) |
fleur-de-lys (white)
chérence (municipality, val-d'oise, france) | courdimanche (municipality, val-d'oise, france) |
fleur-de-lys (yellow)
artois (traditional province, france) | bourbonnais (traditional province, france) | duchy of brittany: ducal banners (part 3) | duchy of brittany: ducal banners (part 4) | european scouting federation | garches (municipality, hauts-de-seine, france) | hauts-de-seine (department, france) | indre-et-loire (department, france) | kingdom of france (843?-1792) | kingdom of france: dauphin's regiment (ca. 1760) | kingdom of france: king's regiment (ca. 1705) | languedoc (traditional province, france) | lozère (department, france) | maine (traditional province, france) | marche (traditional province, france) | montigny-le-bretonneux (municipality, yvelines, france) | niort (municipality, deux-sèvres, france) | paris (department and municipality, france) | saint-cloud (municipality, hauts-de-seine, france) | salon-de-provence (municipality, bouches-du-rhône, france) | touraine (traditional province, france) |
fleur-de-lys: (yellow)
antibes-juan-les-pins (municipality, alpes-maritimes, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 2 (yellow)
angers (municipality, maine-et-loire, france) | le havre (municipality, seine-maritime, france) | nogent-le-rotrou (municipality, eure-et-loir, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 3 (white)
saint-louis (municipality, haut-rhin, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 3 (yellow)
anjou (traditional province, france) | berry (traditional province, france) | bordeaux (municipality, gironde, france) | brest (municipality, finistère, france) | ile-de-france (traditional province, france) | la flèche (municipality, sarthe, france) | loches (municipality, indre-et-loire, france) | lyonnais (traditional province, france) | orléanais (traditional province, france) | rouen (municipality, seine-maritime, france) | saintonge (traditional province, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 3
association des chouinard d’amérique du nord (quebec) | association des descendants des lemieux d'amérique inc. (quebec) | association des familles durand (canada) | city of avellaneda (castile and leon, spain) | finspång (sweden) | saint-gervais, quebec |
fleur-de-lys: 4 (white)
ile-perrot (quebec) |
fleur-de-lys: 5 (yellow)
honfleur (municipality, calvados, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 6 (yellow)
bourgogne (region, france) | burgundy (traditional province, france) | picardie (region, france) | picardie (traditional province, france) |
fleur-de-lys: 8
association des morin d'amérique inc (quebec) |
fleur-de-lys: gold
ile-perrot (quebec) |
fleur-de-lys: half (white)
compiègne (municipality, oise, france) |
fleur-de-lys: yellow
city of avellaneda (castile and leon, spain) |
acton vale (quebec) | anjou, quebec | bastarache dit basque family | bosnia and herzegovina - flag of 1992 | châteauguay (quebec, canada) | federation of bosnia and herzegovina - proposals | federation of bosnia and herzegovina | fermont (quebec) | hampstead (quebec) | hearst, ontario | herouxville (quebec) | koprivnica-krizevci county (croatia) | les tifault d'amérique inc. (quebec) | mezotur (jasz-nagykun-szolnok, hungary) | municipality of güeñes (biscay province, basque country, spain) | outremont (quebec) | royal canadian mounted police - c division | russell, ontario | saint-jérôme (quebec) | saint-lambert (quebec) (canada) | saint-léonard (quebec) | saint-pierre (quebec) | sainte-martine (quebec) | scherpenzeel [municipality] (the netherlands) | shawinigan, quebec | soskut (pest county, hungary) | tata (komarom-esztergom , hungary) | western bosnia (bosnia and herzegovina) |
fleur de lis (red)
fransaskois (saskatchewan, canada) |
fleur de lis (white)
braga municipality (portugal) |
fleur de lis (yellow)
Ñuñoa commune (chile) | port-louis (mauritius) |
fleur de lis
fahler, alberta (canada) | franco-albertains (alberta, canada) | franco-columbiens (british columbia, canada) | franco-ontarien (ontario, canada) (canada) | lourdes, manitoba (canada) | sirac (bjelovar-bilogora, croatia) | sveta marija (medjimurje, croatia) |
fleur de lys (4)
lieutenant-governor of quebec (canada) | miscellaneous flags of quebec (canada) | quebec (canada) |
fleur de lys (red)
endingen commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | uhelná, czech republic |
fleur de lys (yellow)
prilly commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
fleur de lys: 7
annapolis county, nova scotia |
fleur de lys
alterswil commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | barzheim commune (schaffhausen canton, switzerland) | berg commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | branná (czech republic) | cechy pod kosirem, czech republic | coeuve commune (jura canton, switzerland) | daugavpils (daugavpils, latvia) | dietikon commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | epauvillers commune (jura canton, switzerland) | etrurian kingdom (1801-1807) (italy) | fehraltorf commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | ferpicloz commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | florence county, south carolina (u.s.) | hallau commune (schaffhausen canton, switzerland) | heitenried commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | hladké zivotice (czech republic) | ittenthal commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | little canada, minnesota (u.s.) | montévraz commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | nemcicky (czech republic) | neuenkirch commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | oberallau commune (schaffhausen canton, switzerland) | oberschrot commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | pfaffnau commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | prairie du rocher, illinois (u.s.) | protivanov, czech republic | rechthalten commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | saint andré, new brunswick (canada) | schlieren commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | stadel bei niederglatt commune (zürich canton, switzerland) | university of ottawa (canada) | unterendingen commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | villarimboud commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | villars-sur-glâne commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | villorsonnens commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | vilters-wangs commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | vojkovice (czech republic) | zumholz commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
french alliance flag (u.s.) |
fleurier commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) |
fleurs-de-lis (3)
ullensvang, hordaland |
fleurs-de-lis (white)
aiseau-presles (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
fleurs-de-lis (yellow)
crocq (municipality, creuse, france) | cyprus in the "book of all kingdoms" (late xivth century) | saint-cyr-l'ecole (municipality, yvelines, france) | vincennes (municipality, val-de-marne, france) |
fleurs-de-lis: 4 (white)
iguape, são paulo state (brazil) |
fleurs-de-lis: 12 (yellow)
municipality of prades (baix camp, tarragona province, catalonia, spain) |
fleurs-de-lis: 15 (yellow)
saint-malo (municipality, ille-et-vilaine, france): historical flags |
fleurs-de-lis: 2 (blue)
vertou (municipality, loire-atlantique, france) |
fleurs-de-lis: 2 (red)
city of la pobla de claramunt (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | lazarevac (municipality, serbia and montenegro [serbia]) |
fleurs-de-lis: 2 (white)
chimay (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | city of sant julià de cerdanyola (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |

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