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California Municipal Symbols, I-K

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Municipalities listed below have been researched for municipal flags, mainly by searching their websites. Commonly U.S. cities use the city seal on a plain field as the city flag, so we have included information about the city seal where no other flag is known.

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The website at shows a seal consisting of a large circle edged in black and with a gray background color throughout. Around the entire upper portion of the circle are the words 'CITY OF IMPERIAL, CALIF.' written in large bright blue block letters in an Art Deco font. At the lower right and lower left respectively are two bright blue dots. To the right foreground is a large bright blue map of California, with the location of Imperial indicated by a large gray five-  pointed star. To the left of the map and partially obscured by it is a stylized solar disk; only the edge of the disk is visible, and there are fourteen stylized rays of different sizes around its circumference. On the face of the disk itself is a depiction of a local landscape, showing a bright green field with two palm trees in the right foreground, both with black trunks and green crowns. A brown mountain range can be seen in the center foreground, and a blue sky is visible overall.
Ron Lahav, 16 November 2004

Imperial Beach

The website at shows a busy seal with a lot going on. A circular format is edged by two golden chains at both the exterior and interior. On a white background the outer ring contains the words 'CITY OF IMPERIAL BEACH' in dark blue block letters at the top of the ring. At each side is a similarly colored five-pointed star. At the bottom of the outer ring the words 'INCORPORATED JULY 18, 1956' are similarly written. The central image is separated from the interior border of the outer circle by a blank space extending around the entire interior circumference of the outer ring. The principal background color of the central image is ultramarine, and this also serves as an illustration of the Pacific Ocean (q.v.). At the top of the central image the words 'MOST SOUTHWESTERLY CITY' are written in dark blue block letters, with 'IN CONTINENTAL U. S.' in thinner and smaller dark blue letters immediately beneath. In the immediate foreground is a dark blue ribbon wound around respectively a golden torch on the right and a golden trident on the left. The words 'IMPERIAL BEACH' are written in white block letters across the face of the ribbon. In the middle of the central image is a large circle bordered gold, and the center of this circle contains a white sky with a golden sun at its center. The base of the circle is a dark blue horizon consisting of a mountain range seen from the sea; this horizon acts as a fess between the two halves of the circle. The space between this horizon and the dark blue ribbon described earlier is the same shade of ultramarine as the rest of the background color of the central image and represents the Pacific Ocean; on it is a stylized outline in B&W of a sailboat scudding before the wind.
Ron Lahav, 16 November 2004

In going through the minutes of various city council meetings for the city of Imperial Beach, California, I found reference to a discussion as to who was to carry the municipal flag in processions. The City Clerk is unaware, however, that there is an Imperial Beach city flag.
Ron Lahav, 18 November 2004


The website at shows a simple logo consisting of a large vertical rectangle bordered gold and fimbriated slate. The background color is white; from a brown and ocher mountain range in the immediate foreground a palm tree proper rises vertically, bisecting (although not equally) an orange and yellow sun. Beneath this image is a white label with the words 'CITY OF' in small slate block letters, and the word 'INDIO' in larger slate block letters beneath. The city also sponsors an annual event called the Desert Circuit, which has its own flag; a description of this flag will be submitted separately.
Ron Lahav, 16 November 2004

In addition to the logo used by the city of Indio, California, there is also a city seal, which appears on the shoulder patch of the Indio Police Department; their Web Site can be found at The city seal as depicted above is as follows: in a circular format there is a large white outer ring with the words 'CITY OF INDIO' written in blue block letters at the top, and 'INCORPORATED 1930' at the bottom. At each side are three gold five-pointed stars, making six in all. The central image consists of a range of three mountains in tan outlined in brown; beneath the mountains the tan background is stippled in brown to suggest cultivated land. In the foreground are three date palms in brown with green crowns, one slightly to the right, one to the left, and the third slightly staggered to the right. Overall is a pale blue sky with a yellow sun.
Ron Lahav, 20 November 2004


The website at shows the city seal as circular edged with gold. The outer ring is blue, and the words 'CITY OF INGLEWOOD' are written in gold block letters. At the right flank the word 'INC.' is similarly written, while at the left flank the date '1968' likewise appears in gold. The central image has a white background and is quartered per golden saltire. At the top is a stylized version of the U.S. coat of arms in red-white-blue; the right quarter shows a turquoise sky with a black airplane flying from left to right; the bottom quarter depicts an agricultural landscape, showing a green field with snowy mountains in the far distance; and the left quarter depicts the Mexican tricolor hung vertically.
Ron Lahav, 16 November 2004


The website at shows that the municipal logo consists of a B&W illustration of the former California State Reformatory, commonly known as 'The Castle', built between 1890-1894 as a penal institution for young offenders. It is no longer used as a prison, but efforts are under way to restore the building and to find alternative uses for it. The Castle has been the symbol of Ione ever since it was built more than a century ago.
Ron Lahav, 20 November 2004


The website at shows the municipal seal in the form of a B&W line drawing, in a standard circular format. The outer circle seems to have some sort of fimbriation between the outer border and the main body of the outer circle. At the top of the outer circle are the words 'CITY OF' in black block letters using a modified Old West font. At the bottom of the outer circle is the word 'KERMAN' similarly written. The central image is divided both per pale by a vertical geometric figure rather like an elongated diamond, itself divided vertically B&w with the black side on the right; and fesswise by a ribbon folded into three parts, with a white background and black edging and with indentations at both ends. On the ribbon itself are the words in black block and lower case letters 'GATEWAY to the WEST SIDE'. The upper right quarter of the central image depicts a cluster of grapes, the upper left some unknown flowers, the lower right what appears to be a computer terminal, and the lower left four oil derricks irregularly sized and spaced.
Ron Lahav, 21 November 2004

King City

The website at shows a rectangular logo with a sunrise behind three green hills.
Ron Lahav, 21 November 2004


The website at shows an extremely unusual circular logo in dark and light gray. On a dark gray field with what appears to be white fimbriation is what seems to be a gray burro or donkey gaily caparisoned in geometric designs. A long white ribbon with indentations top and bottom winds from top to bottom, around the burro and between its legs. There is a small spray of black leaves at the front and rear of the burro. At the top of the ribbon the words 'THE SWEDISH VILLAGE' are written in black block letters, and 'FOUNDED IN 1908' are written at the bottom.
Ron Lahav, 21 November 2004

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