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Russian Transportation Authority Flags

Last modified: 2007-06-09 by antónio martins
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Transport Ministery

Transport Min. flag
image by Victor Lomantsov, 07 Aug 2002

On 19, July, 2002 the Government of Russia adopted the flag of Ministry of Transport (info sent me by N. Pankratev, a visitor of my site Vexillographia).
Victor Lomantsov, 07 Aug 2002

A “light blue” (голубой) flag with the tricolor canton including the blue (синый) stripe.
Victor Lomantsov, 10 Aug 2002

Railroad Flag

Russian Railroad flag
image by António Martins, 14 Dec 1997

This one I’ve seen only once, flown from the rooftop pole of the main railway station building, in Kanaŝ, Chuvashia, in 1997.08.10. It consists of a “white ensign” like plain white field with the russian flag in the upper hoist and the railway logo gold in the lower fly. I’ve never seen this flag in any other railway permises in Russia before (but maybe it is flown only on sunny Sundays…) nor it is known by the general population. Russian railways are administered by the Transports Ministery (M.P.S. — Ministerstvo Puteĭ Soobxeniĭ), along with every kind of roads and motorways, inland waterways (rivers and canals), civil navigation and civil aviation. This flag stands for the train (poezd) branch of that huge Ministery.
António Martins, 14 Dec 1997

I saw this Russian Railroad (Rossiskyĭ Ẑeleznyĭ Dorogiq) flag again, also on a sunday — this time in Moscow, hoisted in a large facility at Komsomol square, where three major railway stations (Âroslavskiĭ, Kazanhskiĭ and Leningradskiĭ) are located.
António Martins, 09 Dec 1999

Aeroflot flag

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The current flag of Aeroflot, as used in- and out-doors in most company outfits I ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a bunch of them) is a dark blue bedsheet with the company full logo (emblem and lettering) in the bottom fly in white.
António Martins, Apr 2003

Logo (winged hammer-and-sickle)

Aeroflot logo
image by António Martins, 14 Dec 1997

According to 20 Minutes (17 April 2003), the Russian national carrier Aeroflot refuses to drop the hammer and sickle from its logo.
Ivan Sache, 18 Apr 2003

Previous flag (incorrect?)

Aeroflot flag?
image by António Martins, 14 Dec 1997

This one I haven’t actually seen, but it was discribed to my by a former airliner pilot. He was very proud that Aeroflot is the the only entity that keeps the serp i molot (hammer and sickle) on it’s logo and described to me the flag to be like «that one you have sketched there», but light blue and with the Aeroflot logo in (dark) blue on the lower fly.
António Martins, 14 Dec 1997

The light blue flag with russian flag canton and emblem in the lower fly is not current and is probably fictitious.
António Martins, Apr 2003

May be it is real… But I never saw it.
Victor Lomantsov, 23 Dec 1999

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