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Mauritius’ ensigns

Last modified: 2006-11-25 by antónio martins
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State Ensign

Mauritius state ensign
image by Željko Heimer, 14 Jun 2002

The Album 2000 [pay00] says:

3. Civil Ensign. ---/-S- 1:2
Blue ensign, based on British model, with the national flag in canton and coat of arms (without the white disk) in fly.
Željko Heimer, 14 Jun 2002

Civil Ensign

Mauritius civil ensign by Željko Heimer, 14 Jun 2002

The Album 2000 [pay00] says:

3. Civil Ensign. ---/C-- 1:2
Red ensign, based on British model, with the national flag in canton and coat of arms on a white disk in fly.
Željko Heimer, 14 Jun 2002

I am not avare if there is a regulation regarding the size of the disk. It’s certainly bigger then traditional British disk of 4/9ths hoist (which also the Brits dropped lately).
Željko Heimer, 14 Jun 2002

Coast Guard Ensign

Mauritius Coast Guard ensign
image by Željko Heimer, 13 Jun 2002

Mauritius has an unusual naval ensign of several unequal red, white and blue stripes. In the middle white panel is set a red anchor with a green cable and a five-pointed white star outlined in yellow on top. The anchor has two bars on the lower right side. If you cover the extensions on the bottom of the anchor, a key will appear. This is a reference to the motto found on Mauritius’ coat of arms: «Stella Clavisque Maris Indici» or «The star and the key of the Indian Ocean». Both the key and the star are also found in the coat of arms. Mauritius introduced the naval ensign in April 1974. It has the unusual proportions of 26:57. Source: “New Flags”, The Flag Bulletin [tfb] 123 (1987).
Jan Oskar Engene, 19 Aug 1996

This particular flag is called the «Coast Guard Ensign» by the Album [pay00], the «War Flag» by BR20 (Flags of All Nations) [ gra00] and as being for «vessels and units of the maritime section of the Mauritius police force» by the Flag Institute. Interestingly enough the construction details in the Album [pay00] add up to a ratio of 19:42 and not the 26:57 quoted, however, since the difference is less than 0.02% of flag width it can hardly be considered critical.
Christopher Southworth, 08 Apr 2004

The Album 2000 [pay00] says:

Coast Guard Ensign. ---/-S- 26:57
Vertically divided in three fields, the first and last both include vertical stripes of red-white-red-white-blue at hoist, i.e. blue-white-red-white-red at fly, and the middle, white stripe contains a red anchor combined with a key, cable with green rope and topped with yellow five-pointed star. The ratio of stripes is 4+2+2+2+4+14+4+2+2+2+4. The colours used are those of the national flag.
Željko Heimer, 13 Jun 2002

Usage classification

Shouldn’t the Coast Guard ensign be ---/--W instead of ---/-S-?
António Martins, 08 Apr 2004

I suppose it depends on the legal status of the Mauritian coast guard. If it’s a military force (i.e., members subject to military discipline, like the US Coast Guard), then I’d say it should be ---/--W. But if it’s legally a civilian-manned force (even if in uniform, like Iceland’s, the UK’s, or Canada’s), then ---/-S- would seem correct.
Joe McMillan, 09 Apr 2004

I think that I have asked Armand (the author of the Album 2000 [pay00]) about the same question back then, and he answered that the Goast Guard of Mauritius is not a military organization but a special state service, therefore it does not really get to have ---/--W even if that is probably a closest thing to it. The state-owned ships of other services (whatever they may be) would use the blue ensgn. I believe that the situation repeats in several other nations included in Album that do not really have a navy.
Željko Heimer, 08 Apr 2004

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