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"State of Judea" Movement (Israel)

Medinat Yehuda, flag used ca. 1989

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['State of Judea' Movement ca. 1989 (Israel)]
Image by Ivan Sache, modified by Dov Gutterman

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In the Flags of Aspirant Peoples 1994 chart appears "27. Judea (State of, 1989) (West Bank, Judea & Samaria) - Israel". Similar to the national flag, but the Magen David is replaced by six blue triangles forming a kind of dislocated Magen David, shifted to the hoist. The upper right triangle includes a white menorah, the lower left triangle includes something not identified (it reminds me some ritual object, but I am not able to say more - a talith maybe?). There is something written in Hebrew between the hoist and the lower part of emblem.
Ivan Sache
, 13 September 1999

Well, it took me some time to figure it out, but what is supposed to be written there is Gur arie Yehuda (Juda [is a] Lion cub).
Dov Gutterman
, 14 September 1999

[This flag is] not in use. It was in use just for a very short period by a very small group of right-wing settlers as a protest against the government. I do not think that they took it too seriously (at least no other one did) and it did not impress the government so this episode was soon to be over. I would not call them aspirant people.
Dov Gutterman
, 14 December 2000

The symbol on the bottom left is a head of a lion, as in the inscription, which is blue as well. I happen to own this flag. The State is a project, of sorts, of followers of the late Rabbi(s) Kahane, whose usual symbol, a fist over a Star of David is illegal in Israel. However, while the idea of the State, never officially declared as far as I know, is still mentioned (ironically by some left-wingers as well), the flag seems to have fallen into disuse.
Nathan G. Lamm
, 4 June 2001

In fact there is a movement (State of Judea Independence Movement) that still exists that aims to set up a Jewish state in Judea and Samaria if their homeland is transferred to the Palestinian Arabs.
Gary Selikow
, 8 February 2002

The correct State of Judea flag (as shown above) does exist. I own one, professionally made. (My mother actually bought it for me, years ago, mistaking it for an Israeli flag — little did she know that I would know exactly what it was. I think I got Kach and Kahane Chai flags at about the same time.) The movement is mostly a Kahanist idea, but they have their own flags that they use, neglecting this one (again, the real one). I have never seen it at Kahanist meetings or rallies, not even in pictures of the Congress of the State of Judea. The idea has also not been mentioned in a while, especially as Kahanists have grudgingly gone along with their (involuntary) removal from politics, now focusing their energies elsewhere. Some left-wing columnists have suggested it, perhaps only half-seriously, but that is all.

Some differences between the above image and the flag I own:

  1. The star is closer to the fly, lying entirely to the right of the center line. Also, the colors are a darker blue, with central devices darker still. (It seems the flag was simply two stripes, with the center stuff added later. Is this common in Israel — two-stripe flags with an empty center are made so any central image can be added?) The triangles are closer together, and the menorah goes up to the edges of its triangle.
  2. The legend is blue, in a bit more fancier font. It is followed by elipses (diamond-shaped "..."), and there are double quotation marks around it (above left and right).
  3. The lower left image is a lion's head profile, pointing right, tongue out slightly.

Nathan Lamm, 9 and 12 February 2002

Following Kahana idea of Medinat Yehuda, the state was declared in 1989 by Michael Ben-Horin who was also nominated as its president. This idea was never materialized, but it pop up in few occasions later on, last time in 2004 following PM Sharon severing plan.
Dov Gutterman, 27 July 2007

Mistakenly Reported Flag

[Mistakenly reported flag, 'State of Judea' Movement(Israel)]
image from this website, modified by Santiago Dotor

The flag of the State of Judea Independence Movement can be found at this website.
Gary Selikow
, 8 February 2002

The flag on that website is clearly a clipart image, certainly not based on a flag and, considering that another one exists, probably never made.
Nathan Lamm
, 9 February 2002