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General Elections of 2003 (Israel)

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General Elections of 2003

No less then 29 parties were registered for 2003 elections. Two parties withdrawn from the race and one was disqualified from technical reasons, so 26 parties will compete on the 120 seats of the Knesset.

Here are the full list in Hebrew alpabetical order as follows:
as follows:
Known name
Full name in 2003 elections: official name in 2003 elections (parties can change them from election to election).
Letters: (and if those mean anything)
Oriantation/Sector: L (=left), R (=right), T (=religious), A (=arabic), C (=immigrants from former CIS) or other

1) Ahavat Israel
Full name in 2003 elections: Ahavat Israel BeNesi'ut Gdol HaMkubalim HaRav Kaduri (Brotherhood of Israel presided by the greatest of the "Kabalists" , Rabbi Kaduri)
Letters: Zayin-Nun
Oriantation/Sector: T
Flag/logo: none
Remarks: new Sepharadic religious party splitted from SHAS and led by the grandson of a famous Rabbi Kaduri.

2) Ezrah U'Medina
Full name in 2003 elections: Ezrah U'Medina (Citizen and State)
Letters: Kuf-suffix Nun (KEN=nest)
Oriantation/Sector: C
Flag/logo: nonre
Remarks: new CIS-new immigrants party, led by a K.M* previously from Israel Ba'Aliya.

3) DA'AM

See: Da'am Party

See: Balad Party

5) Gesher (Bridge)
Remarks: Disqualified for not fullfiling technical demends for registration.

6) HaIhud HaLeumi
See: Ikhud Le'umi (National Union)

7) HaBrit HaLeumit HaMitkademet
Full name in 2003 elections: HaBrit HaLeumit HaMitkademet - Mifleget HaAkhdut HaLeumit (Progresive National Joint - Mational Union Party)
Letters: Tzadi-Pe
Oriantation/Sector: A
Flag/logo: flag - white letters on green backgrouns

8) HaYerukim
Full name in 2003 elections: HaYerukim (The Greens)
Letters: Resh-Kuf (Rak = only)
Oriantation/Sector: envoirement protection
Flag/logo: logo of man walking inside the sunflower with green inscription at party website.
Remarks: First time to run.

9) HaMafdal
See: Mafdal Party

10) Leader
Full name in 2003 elections: LEADER - Miflaga Mitkademet Libarlit Democratit (Progressive Liberal Democratic Party)
Letters: suffixPe
Oriantation/Sector: C
Flag/logo: none
Remarks: first appearance
Ha'Miflaga Ha'Mitkademet Ha'Liberalit Democratit (The Advanced Liberal-Democratic Party).

11) HaMerkaz (The Centre)
Letters: Pe-He (PE = mouth)
Oriantation/Sector: unknown
Flag/logo: none
Remarks: Withdrawn

12) HaAvoda (Labour party)
See: HaAvoda

13) HaLikud
See: HaLikud

Full name in 2003 elections: HaHazit HaDemocratit LeShalom U'LeShivion VeHatnua'a HaAravit LeHithadshut (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality and The Arabic Movement for Renewal
Letters: Vav
Oriantation/Sector: A
Flag/logo: Various logos on red and yellow background.
Remarks: HADASH is the former "New Communist List" joining forces with TA'AL whose leader was disqulified by the elections committee but this decision was reversed by the Supreme Court.

See: Hadash Party

15) Herut
See: Herut Movement

16) Ya'adut HaTorah
Full name in 2003 elections: Ya'adut HaTorah VeHaShabat, Agudat Israel - Degel HaTorah (Sabath and Torah Judaism - Israel Joint - The Torah Flag)
Letters: Gimel
Oriantation/Sector: T
Flag/logo: logo - party letter and name inside Torah tablets
Remarks: Religious party, mostly Ashkenazic (=western) Jews.

17) Yisrael Aheret
Full name in 2003 elections: Yisreal Aheret ki Nishbar MePolitikai'im (free
translation: Another Israel since we are fed up of Politicians)
Letters: Nun
Oriantation/Sector: none
Flag/logo: logo - Party name in white on blue and orange..

18) Yisrael BeAliya
Full name in 2003 elections: Yisrael BeAliya BeRashut Natan Sharansky (Israel uphill (Aliya is also immigration to Israel) led by Natan Sharansky)
Letters: Kaf-suffixNun (Ken = Yes)
Oriantation/Sector: C
Flag/logo: logo - Stylized Magen Davis
Remarks: The only immigrents party in the Knesset

19) Lehava
Full name in 2003 elections: Lehava (flame)
Letters: Kuf-suffixTzadi (Ketz = the end)
Oriantation/Sector: unknown
Flag/logo: none
Remarks:Also known as Lehava - Miflaget HaHityashvut (Flame - The Setteling Party).

20) Moreshet Avot
Full name in 2003 elections: Moreshet Avot (Ancestors Legacy)
Letters: Zayin-suffixKaf (Zakh = pure)
Oriantation/Sector: T
Remarks: Withdrawn - one man religious party led by the very colourful former K.M* Rabbi Ba-Gad.

21) ZA'AM
Full name in 2003 elections: ZA'AM Tzedek Hevrati (ZA'AM (= anger) Social
Letters: Zayin
Oriantation/Sector: none
Flag/logo: none

22) Meretz
See: Meretz Party

23) Ale Yarok (Green Leaf)
See: Ale Yarok (Green Leaf) Party

24) Am Ekhad
Full name in 2003 elections: Am Ehad BeRashut Amir Peretz (One Nation led by Amir Peretz)
Letters: SuffixMem
Oriantation/Sector: L
Flag/logo: using flag with photos and sloagens on orange background.
Remarks: Workers rights party led by the leader of Israel biggest trade union (Ha'Histadrut).

25) Tzomet
Full name in 2003 elections: Tzomet (Junction)
Letters: Tzadi
Oriantation/Sector: R
Flag/logo: Party name combined with stylized logo
Remarks: A try to revive this party which almost disappeared.

26) RA'AM
Full name in 2003 elections: HaReshima HaAravit HaMeu'hedet (United Arabic List)
Letters: Ayin-Mem (Am = nation)
Oriantation/Sector: A
Flag/logo: none

27) Zhuiot HaGever
Full name in 2003 elections: Mifleget Zhuiot HaGever BaMishpaha - RA'ASH (Men's rights in the family party - RA'ASH (= noise))
Letters: Samech
Oriantation/Sector: none
Flag/logo: none
Remarks: Third time for this party.

28) Shinui
See: Shinui Party

29) Shas
See: Shas Party

* K.M = Knesset member

Dov Gutterman, 17 and 28 January 2003

It was a quite campaign and by adding the rain pouring all day, it was hardly noticed in the streets and no flags were noticed. How ever, in the night TV broadcasts from the parties HQ's there were some flags waving. The flags were seen (as expected) at the celebrating HQ's while the losing parties kept them folded and hiden.
Do note - all the flags are printed on one side only (mirrored at the reverse) and flown with the hoist on the right side.

1) The biggest winner of the night, PM Sharon's party - The Likud (37 seats - gain of 11), you could see many white logo on blue flags. It seems the the previously reported flag of logo on national background is obsolete and not in use anymore.

2) Shinui Party is the (expected) surprise of the election, more then doubling its force (from 6 seats to 14 to become the third largest party). The celebration in this party HQ's reveald the party flag as light blue logo (party name) on white.

3) Shas - this party celebrate the fact that it was not crashed alltogether (down from 17 to 11 seats) with already reported flags but now the inscription was visible enough to reveal the party official name.

4) MAFDAL kept its strength (5 seats) and its flag (white party name on blue)

No other flags was seen.
Dov Gutterman, 29 January 2003